4 Ways to Find A Great Moving Company

Are you planning on moving a house or office? Yes, we know what a daunting challenge it can be. Contrary to common perception, moving is a comprehensive task that requires a whole lot of pre-planning. You cannot afford a decision to move and then “jump right in it”. It is for this reason that having a reliable company by your side will go a long way in ensuring a smooth, safe and organized move to your dream location.

Looking for reliable and certified NY/NJ Movers but can’t figure out how to choose? Given below are a few steps that will help you find a great moving company:

1) Look for Recommendations


This will go a long way in making sure you get the most reliable and secure movers. Friends, relatives and co-workers often have bad experiences with fraudulent moving companies and learning from them can help save your time and money. Your friends, relatives and acquaintances may have encountered some great moving companies. And they will surely be more than happy recommending them to you. Remember, some of the best NY NJ Moving Companies such as ours, are also the most recommended.

2) Choose the Type of Movers

Not every mover is suitable for every customer. Certain moving companies specialize in particular services. Doing sufficient research will help you know what you are looking for and where to find it. Our leading New York/New Jersey Movers are one of the few elite companies offering a host of services such as household shipping, local moving, interstate moving, relocation services as well as pack-and-stack services.

 3) Run a Background Check

While scammers will try and cover most loopholes, it is not all that difficult to detect them. Only first-class NY/NJ Movers will be licensed and conform to all government norms. A smart way to check a company’s status is by calling the Better Business Bureau in your district and finding out whether or not there is a history of complaints against them. This is a great precautionary measure and will help you and even your friends in the long run.

 4) Compare Quotes

Remember, it is better to get quotes from 5 different companies than to accept an unreasonably low quote from a potential scammer. Avoid asking for quotes over the phone. Have the company send their employee to look at the stuff that’s got to be moved. As far as possible, make sure that they see all that there is to be moved so as to avoid any unpleasant shocks when it comes to payment. It does not matter if 5 different moving companies have to examine your stuff. Professional Moving Companies New York New Jersey will be happy to see the goods and provide you with fair estimates.


Following these steps will guide you to finding the perfect moving company that you can further recommend to your friends. While in the process, you will find that the smallest of difference in terms or pricing can pose gravest of problems for you during the crucial stages of your move. Remember these tips and make sure that you sieve out only the best from the rest.

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