Do you need to relocate and move out of your home? And are you totally stressed out on how to go about it considering your family with little kids needs to be moved out as well.

Be relieved of all your tensions and take a sigh of relief as we are here to assist you. Based out of New York with a branch in New Jersey, we are a full-fledged movers and packers company supporting all your relocation requirements out of New York, whether business or personal.

Whether a big or small move, we understand and relate with you on how stressful it can get and we believe in making it simple and smooth for you. Leaving a place that you have been in for so long is emotionally taxing than the physical stress.

Forget the worry about moving your things from one place to another or checking on whether all items have been moved and the anxiety related to it. Leave everything to us. We are the leading NY NJ Packers and Movers providing professional solutions to all your moving and packing requirements. Whether you are moving in or moving out, we believe in making it a pleasant experience for you and your family.

Why Choose Us?

We are a one stop solution to all your packing requirements. Once you call us the first time, you can rest assured that you have handed over your worries to safe hands.

There might be situations when you need to move out of your home as well as office at one go. Don’t worry. We will handle it for you in the most professional and efficient manner. We believe that our services should create a lasting impression on our customers so that they come back to us for more.

Our Motto is Delivering Professionalism with Quality:

At Hercules Movers, there is no compromise on quality. Every member of our team has been professionally trained and their performance is reviewed regularly based on your valuable feedback. We strive to be the best amongst movers and packers in New York.


Safety of items:

We assure you fragile handling of all your precious items and you can be confident that all of it will be in the same condition you saw them last. Whether it is your furniture, computer or the most expensive souvenir in your home collection, we value it as much as you do and promise to have them delivered safe.

We Make Every Penny You Pay Us Worthwhile:

We have been in this industry for long enough and we have successfully built a long term relationship with our esteemed clients. We are extremely glad that our existing clients talk positively about us to others and this has increased our client base to a great extent.

Our pricing pattern differs based on your requirement. All said and done, you can rest assured that we will offer you the best package and you will have absolutely no regrets on every penny paid to us.

Other Services We Offer You:

We do understand that you would want to leave the place you lived in as it was when you first moved in. We also provide you with Junk Removal Services to clear off all the unwanted stuff from your home so that it continues to be a pleasure to live in for whosoever moves in.


Moving is always an emotional and stressful experience. You need to alleviate your physical and mental anxiety related stress of moving home and/or office, by planning and obtaining professional services, such as those provided by NY NJ Moving Companies.

Let them Assist you with Some Simple Planning Tips

Precious breakables items are your foremost concerns. Others that come, a close second are TVs, computers, printers and other similar items. Just as paintings need to be professionally handled, moving kitchen is also a specialized job.

1) Selection of appropriate packing material e.g. compartmented carton(s), for fragile items. A cushioned wrapper can provide additional comfort.

2) Alternative and additional protection for fragile items can be provided with the use of soft wrapping materials, such as bubble wrap, blankets, towels and sheets.

3) Labeling boxes / sticking labels ‘Handle with Care’ and ‘This Side Up’ will avoid damage due to inadvertent errors.

4) Placement of boxes containing fragile items is important, to avoid their being overloaded with heavy items.

While these common sense tips are important for your own peace of mind, professional NYC Movers will expel all your anxieties, when you watch them at work.

Relocating across town or state boundaries or even internationally can be heart wrenching and physically exhausting. The physical effort and stress caused by anxiety is easily relieved by professionals New Jersey Movers so that you can concentrate on other aspects of your move.

For those with the time and inclination, here are some tips on reducing costs:

1) Buy your own packing material or borrow from relatives or friends. Use household linen, as required.

2) Cut down the number of items to be shipped.

3) Pre-planning a move in a systematic and methodical manner is a must.

4) A garden sale and disposal of accumulated junk will reduce costs of transportation.

5) Cable, phone and internet utilities are best bundled to minimize expenses and payment of individual deposits.

We recommend you browse through the yellow pages and internet to obtain quotes and learn about various moving companies. An objective comparison and establishing of a comfort level with the Moving Companies of choice is recommended.

Quotes received need to be comprehensive, with no hidden costs. Also, remember quotes received from New Jersey Moving Companies must be inclusive of Insurance, right up to placement of goods in your new home or office.

Additionally, please do verify if the Company is listed with Department of Trade. Also, verify whether or not they belong to trade associations like: AMSA & NJMA. Besides, a mover must be in a position to provide storage and junk disposal services too. Expertise in movement of Office and Business premise fitting and goods is another plus.

What more can one ask for than the best value for money proposition and guaranteed services in the NY NJ Tri-state area, than those offered by NYC Movers like Hercules Movers.

Judge for yourself the professional confidence of Hercules Movers, the Company that provides you so many tips on cost cutting. Now, what are you waiting for, get in touch and ask for a free quote.

Are you planning on moving a house or office? Yes, we know what a daunting challenge it can be. Contrary to common perception, moving is a comprehensive task that requires a whole lot of pre-planning. You cannot afford a decision to move and then “jump right in it”. It is for this reason that having a reliable company by your side will go a long way in ensuring a smooth, safe and organized move to your dream location.

Looking for reliable and certified NY/NJ Movers but can’t figure out how to choose? Given below are a few steps that will help you find a great moving company:

1) Look for Recommendations


This will go a long way in making sure you get the most reliable and secure movers. Friends, relatives and co-workers often have bad experiences with fraudulent moving companies and learning from them can help save your time and money. Your friends, relatives and acquaintances may have encountered some great moving companies. And they will surely be more than happy recommending them to you. Remember, some of the best NY NJ Moving Companies such as ours, are also the most recommended.

2) Choose the Type of Movers

Not every mover is suitable for every customer. Certain moving companies specialize in particular services. Doing sufficient research will help you know what you are looking for and where to find it. Our leading New York/New Jersey Movers are one of the few elite companies offering a host of services such as household shipping, local moving, interstate moving, relocation services as well as pack-and-stack services.

 3) Run a Background Check

While scammers will try and cover most loopholes, it is not all that difficult to detect them. Only first-class NY/NJ Movers will be licensed and conform to all government norms. A smart way to check a company’s status is by calling the Better Business Bureau in your district and finding out whether or not there is a history of complaints against them. This is a great precautionary measure and will help you and even your friends in the long run.

 4) Compare Quotes

Remember, it is better to get quotes from 5 different companies than to accept an unreasonably low quote from a potential scammer. Avoid asking for quotes over the phone. Have the company send their employee to look at the stuff that’s got to be moved. As far as possible, make sure that they see all that there is to be moved so as to avoid any unpleasant shocks when it comes to payment. It does not matter if 5 different moving companies have to examine your stuff. Professional Moving Companies New York New Jersey will be happy to see the goods and provide you with fair estimates.


Following these steps will guide you to finding the perfect moving company that you can further recommend to your friends. While in the process, you will find that the smallest of difference in terms or pricing can pose gravest of problems for you during the crucial stages of your move. Remember these tips and make sure that you sieve out only the best from the rest.

Relocating across town or the state boundaries can be ridiculously expensive, regardless of your choice to hire a professional moving company for the same. Residents of United States already have to bear a high cost of living. Additional relocation expenses can make it extremely difficult for the middle-class population to survive in this difficult economy.


Here are a few Inexpensive Moving Tips that could help you avert the possibility of bearing the sky-high costs of expensive NY/NJ Moving Companies:


1) Buy Packaging Items Yourself

Although packaging supplies are normally offered by all New York/New Jersey Moving Companies, it is highly economical to buy these items yourself from various retailers and grocery/office supply shops. These sources provide packaging supplies at extremely reasonable rates, thereby cutting down a certain percentage of your overall moving expenses.

It can also be a viable option to borrow spare packaging supplies from your friends and relatives. Household linen works as a great packaging item while packing breakable items. Similarly blankets and sheets can be used for covering expensive artifacts and furniture.


2) Limit the Number of Items to be Shipped

One of the easiest ways of reducing your moving expense is by limiting the number of belongings to be shipped. Most New York Moving Companies quote their prices according to the sum total of movable items that have to be transported. You can easily get rid of unwanted items/belongings by exhibiting them in a Yard Sale. This constructive solution would not only reduce the quantity of movable items but also give you an opportunity to make some extra cash.


3) Pre-Plan Your Move

Apart from the above mentioned money-saving moving tips, an intelligent option would be to plan your relocation in a manner that all arrangements are taken care of methodically and on-priority. Pre-planning your moving can save you a lot of time, effort and money.


Browse through the local Yellow Pages and get in touch with a few reliable sources of New York/New Jersey Moving Services. Avail detailed information about the kind of moving service they offer and get an estimate on their charges. Compare their services and carry-out an informed price comparison between all the choices you have rounded-up on so far. Although, this process may be a little time-consuming and tedious, it will certainly relieve you from bearing excess moving charges.

Home/Office Relocation not only demands a lot of physical effort but can also cost you tremendous emotional stress in terms of adjusting to new surroundings. It is therefore recommended to plan your relocation in advance so as to reduce the levels of trauma and anxiety associated with the entire ordeal.


You can contact several reliable and certified New York/New Jersey Moving Companies and set-up a prior meeting with them in order to negotiate their charges.

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